Tunelines: A project by musician Helen Adam to collect and map traditional toponymic tunes from the UK.

What is Tunelines?

Toponymic Tunes: tunes that are named after places. This project aims to give musicians a chance to connect together the music and geography of each country, and to play their way around the British Isles, following lines of tunes that link place to place and connect the landscape in a musical web. As it develops it will be the resource of a collection of traditional tunes, in an enjoyable to play format, with interactive mapping to help identify the tunes of any region.

All the tunes will be presented with a simple counter melody or harmony line, suitable for most melody instruments and also with chords for accompaniment by instruments such as keyboard and guitar.

I'm starting in Wales but will move on to England, Ireland, Scotland. Keep coming back for more. Also please get in touch to tell me about your favourite tune from a place so I can include it.